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2018 Premiere

Diavolo’s newest adventure is inspired by travels in space and the first Moon Landing. The story unfolds as a young woman wonders what it must be like to go so far away like astronauts do. She escapes from the ordinary world into a surreal landscape of infinite possibilities. Gravity-defying bodies join her on the journey, as she encounters whimsical, kinetic structures in a challenging environment.  Connections are made in a universe that is alive with energy and surprising transformation. Follow the action with amazement as she reaches her destination.


Voyage (2018)

Direction & Choreography: Jacques Heim

Associate Choreography: The Company

Structure Design: Mike McClusky, Tina Trefethen, Adam Davis, and Jeremy Railton

Structure Engineering & Construction: Mike McClusky, McClusky LTD., Tina Trefethen

Music: ODESZA, Zack Hemsey, Moby, The Crystal Method, Sarah Jaffe, Florence + The Machine, Jon Hopkins. 

Lighting Design: Michael Korsch

Sound Design: Simon Greenberg

Costume Design: Brandon Grimm


Voyage is supported by the Ralph M. Parsons Foundation, Los Angeles County Arts Commission, National Endowment for the Arts, and the Cheng Family Foundation.

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