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On January 17, 2024, Founder and Creative Director Jacques Heim's DIAVOLO | ARCHITECTURE IN MOTION and The Soraya at CSUN will present the world premiere of Existencia, a new full-evening work to commemorate the 30 year anniversary of the earthquake that struck California State University Northridge.

Together with the cast of Diavolo dancers and co-choreographer/former company member, Leandro Glory Damasco Jr., this collaborative work, with an original musical score by and live stage participation of Grammy Award winner, jazz drummer Antonio Sánchez and Grammy Award nominee, vocalist Thana Alexa, also features 'FLIGHT by BANDALOOP’, with vertical choreography directed and performed by Amelia Rudolph, founder of BANDALOOP.

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“Consider the idea of our collective destiny; what happens to us, and what puts to the test the most precious thing we have in common: our humanity.” 

Trans “ Ce qui nous arrive” -  2022


In essence, Existencia explores some of the challenges and aspirations of the human experience. As individuals, we sometimes feel isolated, and albeit tied to the fabric of society, each of us may navigate through daily life coexisting with others, feeling yet disconnected and estranged. But when disaster strikes, whether it is an emotional or a physical crisis, we instinctively look for ways to connect with others. We find comfort, strength and resilience within the community. We are then freed from the burden of isolation, and can begin to move forward again with a common purpose to rebuild anew over the ruins of the broken past.

Existencia is a reflection on our own existence, with the notion that each emergence of disaster offers the opportunity for a community to reset itself and evolve to be more altruistic, inclusive and unified. 


“Horrible in itself, disaster is sometimes a door back into paradise, the paradise at least in which we are who we hope to be, do the work we desire, and are each our sister’s and brother’s keeper.” 

Rebecca Solnit, “A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster” - 2009

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