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Transit Space explores themes of feeling lost, finding a sense of purpose, and coming together. Influenced by the documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys, Transit Space uses skateboard ramps as set pieces to represent an urban environment with ever-shifting physical and emotional spaces.


Original Collaborators: Brandon Grimm, Jennifer Huffman, Shauna Martinez, Ashley Nilson, Omar Olivas, Crystal Runk, Anibal Sandoval, Ben Sayles, Chisa Yamaguchi


Original Concept and Direction: Jacques Heim

Writer: Steve Connell

Composer / Sound Designer: Paul James Prendergast

Set Design Ramps: Sibyl Wickersheimer

Set Design Bridges: Tina Trefethen

Set Concept, Engineering, and Construction: Mike McCluskey, McCluskey LTD and Tina Trefethen

Lighting Design: John E.D. Bass

Physical Interactive Designers: David Beaudry and Valeria Beaudry

Voice Artists: Sekou Andrews, Alix Angelis, Vincent Cardinale, Jennifer Christopher, Steve Connell, Mayda del Valle, Lauren Dragan, Justin Huen, Adam Jennings, Tracy Lockwood, Shauna Martinez, Thea Monyee, Omar Olivas, Johannes Williams, Chisa Yamaguchi

Skateboarding Consultants: Jesse Martinez and Nathan Pratt of Dogtown and Z-Boys

Skateboarding Advisors: Angel Aparicio, Seth Milner, Garrett Surjue

Rehearsal Stage Manager: Elizabeth Van Vleck


A very special thank you to Corey Madden, Amy Dupain Vashaw, Elisha Clark, Peter Aeschbacher, Marcus Shaffer, Khanjan Mehta and Mark Baker.


Transit Space was commissioned by the Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State University and co-commissioned by Glorya Kaufman Presents Dance at the Music Center, Los Angeles.


Transit Space premiered in 2012 at the Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State University

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