A diverse array of repertoire take the stage in this eclectic collection of works, highlighting DIAVOLO’S smaller structures and shorter pieces, specifically designed for smaller stages and unconventional venues. VoLo offers two unique and accessible experiences for the audience, showcasing the medley of performance and behind-the-scenes efforts that bring a DIAVOLO performance to life.

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Origine (1999, re-staged 2005) is a sensual solo inspired by the power of Mother Nature, birth, and the feminine mystique, represented in the form of a cyber-spatial sculpture—an iridescent, other-worldly apparition. The emergence of the feminine mystique from a cyber-spatial earth-more sculpture of sublime contours – a stunningly, sensual solo with an iridescent other-worldly apparition.
Caged (1993, re-staged 2009) features leaps, tumbles, and twists as the dancers explore the themes of confinement, pressure, entrapment, freedom, and escape.
In APEX (2000), the performers challenge each other and take risks, using ladders in unexpected ways that your local home improvement store never intended.
Bench (2000, re-staged 2008) is an energetic battle of possession. The performers compete for a simple bench that represents everything they desire.
Knockturne (1998, re-staged 2006) is a love duet that shows a six-year relationship in six minutes. The piece explores the possibilities of human interaction through one of the most common structures in our architectural landscape—the door.
A.W.O.L. (1992, recreated 2009) is the exploration of the feeling of escaping through running and climbing over obstacles, chasing and being chased. The piece examines confinement, pressure, freedom and entrapment within the constant obstacle of the structure. The ever-changing landscape forces teamwork and thereby examines how a group of people manages to operate and navigate their space in pursuit of their goals.
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