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THIS IS ME Studio Taping


Jacques Heim - Director + Choreographer

Ana Brotons - Rehearsal Director

Aaron Mendez - Cinematographer

Simon Greenberg - Sound Engineer

George Simian - Photographer

Majella Loughran - Diavolo Instructor

Kelsey Long - Diavolo Instructor

Christopher Carvalho -Diavolo Instructor

Dusty Alvarado - Director of Education + Community Programs

Jose Hernandez - Diavolo General Manager


France Nguyen-Vincent - Narrator + Dramaturg

Jason Adolphson - United States Army

Sandrine Bouton

Jonathan Boyer - United States Army Reserve

Jennifer Brofer - United States Marine Corps

Steven Eatmon

Caleb Fields - United States Army

Caribay Franke

Dave Gleason - United States Marine Corps

Tyler Grayson - United States Marine Corps

Elijah J

Lashaunda Johnson - United States Marine Corps

Abraham Meisel

Ejay Menchavez - United States Army

La'Vel Stacy - United States Navy

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