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Passengers is a mind trip. It is a piece about people caught in the wild loop of their shifting states of mind. Their journey through consciousness is a metaphoric embodiment of the challenges, obstacles and adversity we all face in our waking reality. Their unrelenting search for identity and self is a powerful reminder that we are merely Passengers on this vehicle called Life.


Concept & Direction: Jacques Heim

Choreographer: Leandro Glory Damasco Jr.

in choreographic collaboration with The Company.

Original Collaborators: Ana Carolina Brotons, Christopher Carvalho, Majella Loughran, 

Ezra Masse-Mahar, Jessie Ryan, Connor Senning, Kellie St. Pierre, Amy Tuley, 

Rico Velazquez, Matt Wagner, Erin White, Chisa Yamaguchi

Music Composer: Bruno Louchouarn

Production Designer, Architect: Adam Davis

Structure Engineering: Brian Shipley and Isolated Ground

Structure Construction: Rando Productions

Dramaturge and Artistic Consultant: Stephan Koplowitz

Lighting Designer: Evan Merryman Ritter

Structure Lighting Consultant: Mark Baker

Costume Designer: Brandon Grimm

Production and Project Manager: Renee Larsen Engmyr

Technical Director: Jonathan Meyer


Passengers was produced by Jennifer Cheng, commissioned by the Cheng Family Foundation and co-commissioned by the Vladimir and Araxia Buckhantz Foundation, the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, St. Paul, MN, Valley Performing Arts Center, Northridge, CA, and Livermore Valley Performing Arts Center, Livermore, CA. Additional support provided by the Ahmanson Foundation and The Scrooby Foundation.

Benefactors: Mary Ellen Stuart, Ellen Pansky, Bill Hranchak, Nick Erickson, Meegan Godfrey.


Passengers premiered in 2016 at the Newmark Theatre in Portland, Oregon.

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