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D 2 R
What would you risk dying for – and for whom? As we face the chaos of everyday life, we move together, we fight together, we help one another to conquer our obstacles. We do it together as a family, as a community, as a battalion. 

D2R (Original creation 1995, re-staged 2019)
Direction & Choreography: Jacques Heim
Associate Choreography: The Company
Structure Design: Daniel Wheeler 
Music: Don Davis 
Lighting Design: John E.D. Bass 
Sound Design: Simon Greenberg
Costume Design: Laura Brody
Original Collaborators: Rebecca Butala, Rob Derringer, Nick Ericsson, Meegan Godfrey, Lara Hudson, Curtis Hurt, Jeremy Jacobs, Robert Lou, Rena Perri, Darren Press, Monique Sobolowsky


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