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Set in an abstract corporate America, Cubicle explores the human condition under cramped control and a monotonous reality, exposing an underlying counterbalance between freedom and anarchy in the workplace. Anonymity and confinement set the pace in this corporate sea of grey as we witness a multitude of shifting landscapes as abstract representations of a familiar work environment. Boxing in both their sanity and distinctiveness, we witness the struggle to maintain a sense of individuality on the corporate climb as the performers labor against a homogenized work mentality, finding solidarity only within themselves and each other.


Concept & Direction: Jacques Heim

Choreographer: Leandro Glory Damasco Jr.

in choreographic collaboration with The Company.

Original Collaborators: Ana Carolina Brotons Christopher Carvalho, Chelsea Caffey,

Cal Chester, Ezra Masse-Mahar, Jessie Ryan, Connor Senning,

Kellie St. Pierre, Amy Tuley, Rico Velazquez, Chisa Yamaguchi

Structure Design: Tina Trefethen and Mike Mike McCluskey/Mike McCluskey LTD

Original Concept Design: Thomas Flake

Structure Construction: Robert Selander

Music Composer: Bruno Louchouarn

Light Sculpture by: LILIENTHAL|ZAMORA Etta Lilienthal and Ben Zamora

Dramaturge and Artistic Consultant: Rosanna Gamson

Lighting Designer: Evan Merryman Ritter

Associate Lighting Designer: Luc Hediger

Costume Designer: Brandon Grimm

Project Manager: Renee Larsen Engmyr

Artistic Consultants: Jim Vincent, Adam Davis, Julie McDonald, Tony Selznick, Ordway Center for the Performing Arts & the Des Moines Center for the Performing Arts, Hae Kyung Lee, Steve Connell, Jessica Goin, Jonathan Reap


Cubicle was produced by Jennifer Cheng, commissioned by the Cheng Family Foundation and co-commissioned by the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts and Des Moines Performing Arts, with additional support provided by Syracuse University.


Cubicle premiered in 2015 at Des Moines Performing Arts in Des Moines, Iowa.

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