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video submissions

To be considered for future DIAVOLO projects, please submit the following.

Please send the following to

  • Headshot

  • Resume

  • Link to Video (accepting YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive)​​

Video Requirements (please provide as much material as possible to showcase your strengths) :

  • ​Modern dance phrase (looking for; lines, changes in dynamic quality, subtleties, and any additional dance technique you see fit)

  • Athletic/ Acrobatic phrase (looking for; attack, jumps, in and out of the floor quickly, intensity, endurance)

  • Freestyle phrase showcasing specialty skills (i.e., gymnastics/tumbling, parkour, breakdance, martial arts) 

  • Improvisational phrase with any simple structure you can get your hands on (i.e., chair, bench, or something you can carry or stand on)

  • Footage demonstrating strength exercises. Examples from the DIAVOLO regular strength test include pushups, pull-ups, leg lifts, burpees, handstand walking.

  • Lastly, please respond to the following on camera (we are interested in seeing your personality here, so do not hold back!)

    • Tell us in your own words WHY you want to join DIAVOLO

    • What unique qualities and characteristics do you have that could benefit our diverse company?

    • Any additional information you would like us to know about you...


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