“[DIAVOLO] define[s] the art of this city...To say DIAVOLO is exciting is redundant.”  

Laura Bleirberg, Los Angeles Times

"This show was in all ways, astounding and breathtaking. Two acts, each only lasting 35 minutes captivated the audience in a way I have not witnessed before."

Zosia Czarnecka, Calgary, Canada

"DIAVOLO/Architecture in Motion might advertise itself as a Los Angeles-based dance company – and one of its claims to fame is placing in the Top 10 of America’s Got Talent on NBC – but spiritually and stylistically, there’s more than a little bit of Montreal’s circus and dance sensibility."

Stephen Hunt, Calgary, Canada

"This hybrid of movement and apparatus is unlike anything you will see anywhere.  Founder and Artistic Director Jacques Heim has imagined and brought to life a world unto itself..."

Tam Warner, LA Dance Chronicle


Victoria Looseleaf, The New York Times

"densely emotionally charged affairs, arresting in the sheer spectacle of movement, and marked by an exhilarating grace and sense of force that seemed to defy gravity."

Victor D. Infante, Worcester Telegram

"Diavolo’s performers are fearless, elegant and strong with a sense of timing by which a Swiss watch could be set, and the way the troupe interacts with the moving sets, makes for a truly spectacular and awe inspiring show."

Andjelic-Davila, Australian Stage

“DIAVOLO Dance Theater will blow your mind. DIAVOLO’s performance...will explode your stereotypes of dance. Don’t miss it.”

Aaron Scott, Portland Monthly

“Heim puts his feel for props, his knack for kinetic drama and his taste for danger in the service of a metaphor, and the result is dazzling.”


“DIAVOLO is epiphany in motion.”

Long Beach Press-Telegram

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