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“Heim puts his feel for props, his knack for kinetic drama and his taste for danger in the service of a metaphor, and the result is dazzling.”

Newsday USA

"DIAVOLO brings with them an electrifying live theatre experience unlike anything audiences have ever witnessed. Heart-stopping!"

The New York Times

“DIAVOLO will blow your mind and explode your stereotypes of dance.”

Portland Monthly

"Having found their own unique methods for exploring human experience, they’re a riveting ensemble of artists who are successfully developing exciting new vocabularies of movement and theatrical expression."

Wolfsburger Nachrichten

"This show was in all ways, astounding and breathtaking. The 70 minutes captivated the audience in a way I have not witnessed before."

Australian Stage

"The dynamic of this unorthodox production set was remarkable. Jacques teases physics with his choreography and brings dance to a new level with this remarkable art form of dance and structure combined."

The Globe and Mail Canada

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