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(1999, re-staged 2009)

“Humachina”—combines the word “human”, with the Latin word for machine, “machina”.  The principal of human motion and mechanical relations, a combination of the human form, and the simplicity of the most important of machines, the wheel.  What will survive: man or machine? (Run time: 12 min)


Original Collaborators: Sita Acevedo, Monica Campbell, Nick Ericsson, Laura Everling, Meegan Godfrey, Jeremy Jacobs, Robert Lou, Heather McCardle, Darren Press, Zoltan,


Re-creation: Briana Bowie, Philip Flickinger, Trevor Harrison, Shauna Martinez, Omar Olivas, Melinda Ritchie, Anibal Sandoval, Nilder Santos, Chisa Yamaguchi


Set Design: Jeremy Railton

Set Construction: Mike McCluskey, LTD

Music: Chemical Brothers

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