DIAVOLO’s newest piece, Passengers, created in 2016 to be part of a two-part piece entitled L.O.S.T. (Losing One’s Self Temporarily) which explores  human experience, as we teeter between vulnerability and control, losing and reshaping ourselves as we traverse through our daily lives and work. A full evening experience in 2 parts, L.O.S.T. features DIAVOLO’s  “Cubicle” and "Passengers" – and boldly tackles the essence of what both divides and unites us.

L'Espace du Temps : The Space of Time

Three part Trilogy where Foreign Bodies begins with a cube, Fearful Symmetries the cube in this second installment has now multiplied in its number of components, allowing many shifting symmetrical landscapes to illuminate the relationship between the universal language of mathematics and the human force that manipulates it.  Fluid Infinities is set on an abstract dome structure sitting on a reflection of itself.

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