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A Note from Diavolo’s Creative Director,


As we are all fighting this invisible enemy, the Coronavirus, and try to slowly rebuild our lives, we are being confronted by injustice and violence from police who are suppose to protect and respect all of us, especially Black Americans who have been persecuted for so many years.


What is happening in the United States is a disgrace. Everyone in Diavolo condemns racism. Our thoughts and prayers go to the family of George Floyd. Black Lives Matter. If we genuinely believe this, as a country, we certainly have a hard time living it. For those of us who are not Black, we must recognize that for Black Americans, simply living is a daily threat. For those of us who are not Black, we have a responsibility. When we see injustice towards Black Americans, or are brought into seeing it, we must call it out. Silence is complicit and we’ve be silent for too long. 


In Diavolo, we stand for diversity, empathy, equity, inclusivity, persistence, and social justice. In Diavolo, we believe in solidarity against police brutality and white supremacy.


Use peace over violence to protest,

Create Art as another form of demonstration, 

and stay safe.


Much love,

Jacques and everyone at Diavolo 

DIAVOLO Dancer Derion Loman
Photo by George Simian
derion !.jpg
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