Losing One’s Self Temporarily

Produced by Jennifer Cheng

Commissioned by The Cheng Family Foundation

Throughout the course of our human experience, we teeter between vulnerability and control, losing and reshaping outselves as we traverse through our daily lives and work. A full evening experience in 2 parts, L.O.S.T. features DIAVOLO’s newest works- “Passengers” and “Cubicle” – and boldly tackles the essence of what both divides and unites us.

Part 1


On and around a giant morphing staircase with multiple doors, passageways, and shifting surfaces, the dancers reckon with themes of journey and transition and the tenuous balance we attempt to strike each day as both indomitable drivers and unwitting passengers. (2016)  Photo by George Simian


Photo by George Simian

Part 2


Within a systecubicle-slidem of heavy wooden boxes “Cubicle” explores the human condition under cramped and monotonous workday reality, exposing an underlying counterbalance of freedom and anarchy. (2015)




Photo by Luke Behaunek