Diavolo awarded grant from Dizzy Feet Foundation

Every year The Dizzy Feet Foundation makes grants to 10 community organizations to help fund dance education programs to children in low-income areas and disadvantaged communities. This year’s new community grant recipients are:

  1. DIAVOLO| Architecture in Motion
    2. The Rock School for Dance Education
    3. The PGK Project
    4. San Pedro City Ballet
    5. Forward Momentum Chicago: Dancing Towards the Future
    6. Ballet Memphis
    7. DEA Educational Foundation and Museum
    8. Dancing Grounds
    9. Keshet Dance Company, Center for the Arts and KLab
    10. Red Hot Ballroom

An excerpt from the Dizzy Feet website:

DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion (2015-16)

Through the Diavolo Institute, the company provides education and outreach opportunities to people of all ages and abilities, sharing the power of dance as a force for positive change.

The Institute is based on the idea that everyone—from all segments of society—deserves continuing engagement with the arts. The arts must engage populations that reflect the demographics of Southern California. Disadvantaged communities face the brunt of the drastic climate for arts spending. These communities need–deserve–to have the arts play a role in their lives. In this challenging environment, the Diavolo Institute is building the next generation of dance artists and audiences, one student at a time.

In Los Angeles, the Institute serves over 3,000 community members annually with a focus on low-income youth and families. While Diavolo’s reputation for transformative movement is international, many of our own neighbors have had no previous exposure to dance.

Workshops are delivered at local Title I schools and community centers in targeted Los Angeles neighborhoods. Each program culminates in a choreographed performance in the unique Diavolo style incorporating physical objects such as tables, ladders, and wheels.

Diavolo believes that investing in the Los Angeles community is an investment for long-term success. Through movement, participants learn to weave Diavolo’s core values—trust, teamwork, and individual expression— into the fabric of their daily lives.


For more information visit www.Dizzy Feet Foundation