The Veterans Project

DIAVOLO | Architecture in Motion® has proven to be a leader in the world of performing arts, constantly in creation and constantly pushing the limits of the human body and it’s relationship to architecture. A new era of art as a means of social change has come to the foreground, and DIAVOLO seeks to explore unique ways of engaging audiences and communities. The Veterans Project will allow members of the Veterans Community to engage in movement workshops, artistic creation and collaboration, and for the first time ever, a fully produced perfromance.


DIAVOLO will explore new engagements by offering community workshops to Veterans and their family members. These workshops will be guided by industry professionals, with curriculum designed specifically for each working group. Trust and teamwork are core principals of DIAVOLO and will be the foundation of every workshop. No dance or theater experience is required.

CREATION (Phase Two)

The Creation phase consists of a total collaborative effort with Veteran participants and members of DIAVOLO sharing their own experiences while they work together to devise a performance piece. This phase will involve a unique architectural structure made exclusively for this project.


The project will culminate in a fully produced engagement. On December 1st and 3rd of 2016 will include performing the work created in Phase Two as well as an open discussion. Click here to RSVP!


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